We experience, witness and realize the beauty of “A Humanizing Society” where our communities, schools, organizations, systems and societies are the creative and cocreated expression and reflection of our humanity that defines us and connects us to each other, to nature and to the whole beyond our conscious grasp.

We call the experienced transformation, societal metamorphosis. It refers to its embeddedness in the immanence of our human, community and societal potential.

Our direction is ”A Humanizing Society”, trusting our humanity, realizing the existentiality of love.
A beautiful life-flow that embodies its own meaning and end.
The plant of courage and joy, the borage, is our symbol. The five star flower is seen, yet she is not “seen”. Her treasure, her potential, remains unknown, though soug ht-after. Her humility calls for one to lift her head up to see her indefinable blue beauty. Her lover and beloved the bee, recognises her, never fails to find her and by doing so, love diffuses and suffuses all around her.

She needs so little, grows and disseminates in the toughest conditions, yet in her infinite generosity bears in her existence extraordinary healing properties for the body, the mind and the heart. Her Latin name Borago officinalis originates from Arabic “Abu Arrak”. The Romans called her the plant of courage and drank her elixir before going to battle. They referred to her as the plant that heals broken hearts: Ego Borago, Gaudia Semper Ago.


qoteA Humanizing

reflects and manifests our “Nia”.
“Nia” is not definable nor translatable. The closest we can get to fathom its meaning in English is evoking the “purity of the heart-intention”, the “ intent before the intention ”, a “transcended and transcending intent”.

Our Nia is suffused by gratitude and grief holding hands in the compassionate and fertile in-between they create. The gratitude for the wonder of life and tthe beauty of our shared humanity. The grief over the devastation that comes with the expertise which human beings have developed to engineer contexts of our unfolding lives that are dehumanizing, withering the trust in our humanity and obliterating the existentiality of love. However, by living deep human connection, we realize how these engineered contexts are failing to dehumanize despite their persistence. In humility, we experience how little it takes to learn to cocreate the conditions for the expression of the love that waters the trust in our humanity and blossoms life.
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Trusting our humanity, we learn together to cocreate the conditions with our partners for the emergence of the ecosystem of our societal harmony and human flourishing.


We are profoundly grateful to experience deep human relationships with neighborhood, school, university, research, culture and corporate communities as well as with the education system in Morocco and transnational platforms and networks.


The Tamkeen Approach is cocreated and co-facilitated with all our partners. Together, in epistemic humility, embedded in our experiences, we question our questions, we learn, and grow our understanding, trusting our human potential, trusting our humanity, realizing the existentiality of love.

We learn to sustain the essence of the Tamkeen Approach and discover in wonder how it takes the different shapes of the contexts and self-facilitated processes of our partners. Our trust in our humanity and the creative expression of that trust, open up new possibilities, reveal “new possibles” and realize the before unimaginable.

“We are the gardener and the garden”

captures the essence, substance, sustenance and dance of the Tamkeen Approach.
In a word, in a research note and in a poem, we share the poesis of the Tamkeen Approach.

In a Word

The word “Tamkeen”, expresses in its resonant and fertile semantic field, the Tamkeen Approach.

In ‘Tamkeen’ we see a motion and we hear the melody of a flow-field. Its verbal root (m-k-n) is defined as the “root of Tamkeen”. It breathes life into the words ‘potential’ (Imkan), ‘possible’ (Momkin), ‘possibility’ (Imkania), ‘place’ (Makan) and ‘safe’ (Makin).

The Tamkeen Approach is the “between” of the reverberation and reflection of ‘potential’, ‘possible’, ‘possibility’, ‘place’ and ‘safe’: the fertile field of future possibles trusting our humanity…
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In a Research Note

“The joint research in Tamkeen is overcoming the competition of ideas and facilitates growing a shared understanding.
It explores how from metamorphic niches a humanizing society manifests and flourishes.
It does not focus on outcomes and achievements. It explores the various manifestations of growing a shared understanding as embodied expressions of our human potential and our humanity. Tamkeen learns with its partners to remain in epistemic humility and does not arrive at any form of enlightenment or truth.
Consequently, it is difficult to put Tamkeen in any box labelled project, neither a research project nor a development project. Tamkeen does not yield to the business logic of venture philanthropy. Tamkeen grows a body of co-reflected experience that reflects itself but does not translate into a body of knowledge. Though in their essence, all Tamkeen processes are the same, in practice all Tamkeen processes are as different as the people that make those community-based learning ecosystems.”
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In a Poem

Do not fear my dear friend, In this deep knowing of your heart, to talk about love,
the coat, sustenance, substance and essence of the human seed. For it is no coincidence that the root of “hubb”, love in Arabic, suffuses into
existence the word “seed”.
The same way each drop of the ocean spray is the ocean,
The seed encompasses the potential to realize its beauty and manifest the beauty of our world.
How vain to tell the seed what skills it needs to be a seed,
How confusing for the seed to hear it needs power when all it needs is
unconditional love to germinate its
potential and flourish the world.
Let’s learn together that humility means to be the humus that welcomes all the fallen seeds and to delight seeing ourselves rise in each one of them.
Let’s grow the understanding together of what our human potential means,
In the beauty of the experience of being a human seed.
Tamkeen, 2020
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brings together the told stories, by our partners-in-flourishing, about their experience of Tamkeen in the Makan Makeen.


The root verb of governance in Arabic (ha-ka-ma) morphs into the word wisdom (hikma). The Greek root of governance is kybernan (to steer a boat) and takes us to the art and science of navigation. In our governance model, wisdom and the art and science of navigation intertwine to embody institutionally, organizationally and in our operations the essence of the Tamkeen Approach.

Our governance model unfolds and expresses itself through five elements that are interconnected and interdependent: our historicity, our direction, our action, our organization and our navigation.

Our model of governance evolves in the flow of the subtle interplay between emergence and “dissolvence”, in coherence with the Tamkeen Approach. It is hence a manifestation of our Tamkeen experience and process. Our organization is itself a metamorphic niche; the safe place (makan makeen) of our potential-embedded metamorphosis. As such, our governance model is a mirror to the processes and governance models of our partners and theirs are mirrors to ours.

Our governance astrolabe indicates our position in the flow-field of the multidirectional and multidimensional processes that we cocreate and co-facilitate with our partners. It answers the question “where are we?” in the autotelic process (that beholds its own meaning and end) of “a humanizing society”.
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The 5 elements of
the governance model
qoteWe are learning
the navigation
wisdom and wisdom
navigation of emergent